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Monday, June 17, 2019

Urban News Online newspaper is set to be the most talked about newspaper from the UK, It will gain readership attention Worldwide and the demographic will be targeted towards the wider audience but mainly focused in reaching the 21- 35 years old, who are keen to keep their finger on the pulse and are also keen to interact with the people in the know, it will appeal to the fashion conscious, the lover’s of the latest gadgets, the icon’s of music, the follower’s of technology and the creative home designer’s. We have already had expressed interest from some of the major named players from different industries. Although we are keen to grow we are keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

We are currently looking for Sponsor’s If you want to be part of this growing development get in touch email or call look for our contact info and express what your interest is…
Contact Details
Email: ad@urbannews.co.uk

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