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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Australian Open: HILARIOUS moment crying baby interrupts Nadal at CRITICAL point | Tennis | Sport

The quarter final match was halted for more than a minute at a tense moment as a baby began crying in the audience shortly after 10pm on Tuesday night. 

The wailing interrupted Rafael Nadal’s serve during a third-set tiebreaker against Marin Cilic. 

Initially persevering with the distraction, the game had to be paused for more than a minute when the crying intensified. 

Commentator Jim Courier said: “'This is when a player wants a chair umpire to ask for the baby to be removed. 

“Neither of these guys want to play with that.”

Courier added: "What's a baby doing awake at ten o'clock at night anyway?”

The incident and Courier’s comments had viewers divided, with many taking to social media to debate whether it was appropriate for a baby to be at the night session. 

Some agreed with Courier’s comments. 

Craig Platt tweeted: “Jim Courier is right: what is a baby doing at the tennis at 10pm at night? Parents have entitlement issues.”

Another user tweeted: “Call of the night by Jim Courier after a baby was crying in the crowd l“What is a baby still doing awake at 10pm”

But others criticised Courier for being insensitive. One user tweeted: “‘What’s a baby doing awake at 10 o’clock anyway?’ - haven’t spent much time around babies have you, Jim Courier?”

Another said: “Jim Courier just asked why a baby is awake at 10pm. Has he had babies??”

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