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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Bacon sandwich: Best recipe revealed | Food | Life & Style

Arguments rage in households across Britain every weekend over the best recipe for the breakfast favourite. 

But the people have spoken and the results are in.

A survey has declared the UK’s preferred formula was a generous heap of grilled rashers served on white bread with ketchup.

The classic recipe, using either smoked or unsmoked bacon but never using toast, was favoured by the majority of 2,000 adults in an effort to finally settle the age old dispute.

They declared the perfect bacon butty should be made with back bacon, rather than streaky, on buttered bread with an evenly spread layer of red sauce. 

Ideally, it should be enjoyed alongside a cup of English breakfast tea as part of a lazy Saturday morning routine. 

One in four confessed that cooked bacon was enough to get them out of bed in the morning the same number that said the smell reminded them of home. 

One in five said the savoury scent takes them back to their childhood while three in four said a bacon butty was the best way to prepare for the day ahead.

Two thirds of British adults favour a bacon sandwich over other breakfast options. 

If eggs are on the menu almost half those surveyed said they had to have bacon with them with just two per cent opting for avocado.

More than one in three of those polled via OnePoll.com reckon a bacon sandwich tastes better when someone else has made it for them. 

Mike Greenup, from Holiday Inn Express, which commissioned the poll, said: “It’s clear to see bacon is a favourite breakfast choice - there is nothing better than waking up to the smell of bacon cooking away.”

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