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Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide – All Weapon Types, Best Weapons, Attacks, Weapon Combos, Which Weapons to Choose | Webigames

Welcome to our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide. This is the most comprehensive guide when it comes to weapons and we have details relating to every weapon found in the game. Monster Hunter World is the newest installment in the series and we return to the world of monsters to slay them.

Here we have the most detailed guide that you need to about Weapons in Monster Hunter World. We have listed all weapons, their strengths, weaknesses, skills, combos, and controls for using these weapons. We have also detailed which are the best weapons and which are the worst weapons in the game. With the help of this weapons guide, you can easily learn about all weapons and decide which weapon is most suited for your gameplay.

Detailed Weapons Guide – Monster Hunter World

There are different types of unique weapons that you can use in Monster Hunter World. In total, there are 14 different types of weapons all ranging from Hammers, Bows, and Swords to Bowguns. Each weapon has unique skills, combos, and bonuses, which we have detailed below for you.

Below you will find all weapons along with their combos, details, skills, tips, and tricks for using them. Our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide details everything that you need to know about weapons in Monster Hunter World.

  • Bow
  • Lance
  • Hammer
  • Gunlance
  • Switch Axe
  • Dual Blades
  • Long Sword
  • Great Sword
  • Insect Glaive
  • Hunting Horn
  • Charge Blade
  • Light Bowgun
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Sword and Shield

The Great Sword

The main strength of The Great Sword lies in its damage. It deals heavy damage but at the cost of speed. This is most suited for players who prefer damage dealing type of gameplay or in other words tanks. It also allows you to block your attacks. Although it looks very heavy and big, it does not affect your evading speed so you can still evade enemies easily.

Attacks and Controls
It features different attack types. Pressing triangle will perform an Overhead Slash while holding it will yield a Charged Slash dealing even more damage to enemies. The circle is Wide Slash, which works well for crowd control while pressing triangle and circle at the same time will land a Rising Slash, which lifts you in the air to continue with a combo. You can tackle your enemies by pressing triangle and circle while charging and block enemy attacks by pressing R2.

This section contains some sample combos that you can perform with The Great Sword.

  • Circle, Circle, Circle
  • Circle, Triangle + Circle, Circle
  • Hold Triangle, Left Analogue + Hold Triangle, Left Analogue + Hold Triangle

The Long Sword

The Long Sword is also great damage dealers. They are used for dealing maximum damage, however, they have less damage when compared with The Giant Sword but it allows greater mobility. It will make you more nimble at the cost of a little damage. It will allow you to move and dodge while you are moving as well as gives you additional damage with Spirit Blade mode.

Attacks and Controls
Just like The Great Sword, The Long Sword has different attacks that you can unleash on your enemies. Pressing triangle will give you a standard attack; the circle is the thrust attack while triangle and circle pressed together result in an evading attack. Pressing R2 will turn it into a Spirit Blade allowing you to perform additional moves. During a combo, pressing R2 and circle will result in a Foresight Slash while pressing R2 with Triangle results in Spirit Thrust attack.

This section contains some sample combos that you can perform with The Long Sword.

  • R2, R2, R2, R2
  • Triangle + Triangle + Triangle
  • Triangle + Circle, R2, R2, R2 + Triangle

Sword and Shield

This is the best all-around balanced weapon. It offers decent damage and protection as well since you will be using the shield for blocking enemy attacks. You will be able to perform attacks with the sword, block with the shield and perform some bash attacks with the shield. The charging attacks are good for toppling giant enemies giving you a window for following attacks,

Attacks and Controls
Pressing Triangle for the standard attack and circle for the special attack. Triangle plus circle is the advancing Slash attack. During a combo, you can also perform a Charged Slash by holding the left analog down and holding the circle button. You can guard with R2 and ready your slinger with L2. Pressing R2 and L2 at the same time will fire your slinger. R2 and Triangle is Rising slash lifting you in the air and you can use your items by pressing L2 or R2 and square at the same time.

This section contains some sample combos that you can perform with Sword and Shield.

  • Circle, Circle, Circle, Hold Circle
  • Triangle + Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
  • Left Analogue + Circle, Circle, Circle, Hold Circle
  • Triangle + Circle, Left Analogue + Hold Circle, Triangle

Dual Blades

Dual Blades are very fast paced weapons and suit those players who prefer fast-paced attacks on enemies. They lack in damage but once you land an attack, you fill your demon gauge. Once this is complete, you can enter Demon Mode, which has a lot of new attacks and moves, which feature additional damage. Once the Demon Gauge is completely filled, it further allows you to enter Archdemon mode, which increases your attack speed and actions. Dual Blades are must-use for players that want their game to be as fast as possible.

Attacks and Controls
When it comes to attacks, pressing triangle will launch your standard attack, the circle is your lunging attack while triangle and circle at the same time is the Blade Dance advanced move. Once the Demon Gauge is full, press R2 to enter Demon Mode.

This section contains some sample combos that you can perform with Dual Blades.

  • Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
  • Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
  • Triangle, Triangle, Triangle+ Circle


The bow is the best weapon when mobility and stealth is your game. It also gives you great freedom and range. No other weapons allow this much mobility but it seriously lacks in damage if you are not using special attacks such as Dragon Piercer. You can opt for different types of arrows and you can use different items such as poisons to modify the behavior of the damage dealt to the enemies. It also allows you to charge the attacks for more piercing attacks.

Attacks and Controls
To fire arrows, first, you need to ready the bow with L2. Pressing L2 will also show the crosshairs on the screen. You can shoot with R2 once the bow is ready to shoot. Pressing circle results in a special shot. Dragon Piercer is a great attack and you can perform it by pressing triangle and circle at the same time. To coat the arrow with an item, press L1, and X or Triangle to select a coating and then triangle to load or unload the coating.

This section contains some sample combos that you can perform with Bow.

  • Hold R2, Tap R2, Circle
  • Hold R2, Hold R2 + Circle

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun is one of the heaviest and deadliest weapons in the game. When you have it equipped, you will unable to walk and evade properly. You will have decreased mobility but at the expense of this mobility, you will have extreme amounts of damage. You will literally blow away any enemies and small monsters with a single hit.

It comes with a variety of ammo types so you use them according to the situation at hand. We recommend that you use the Heavy Bowgun only if you have a company with you. It will not do you much good when you are alone and have no support when the enemy gets up close and personal with you.

Attacks and Controls
You can aim with L2 and fire the weapon with R2. Once fired, sit back and enjoy the destruction it leaves in its path for your enemies. You can load it with the circle and reload it with the triangle. To choose a different ammo type press L1, X, and Triangle at the same time. Pressing Triangle and Circle at the same time results in a melee attack.

Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is much lighter than the Heavy Bowgun allowing better movement. Since it is lighter so naturally, it has lower damage as well. However, the movement it allows pretty much counters the lower damage as it allows you to evade easily and hit the monster from a different angle. It also allows you to put down bombs on the ground, which are a great way of setting up traps.

Attacks and Controls
Aim the Bowgun with L2 and fire with R2. Pressing circle will let you put down bombs which are used as traps mostly. Triangle is the reload button. You can choose the ammo with L1 + X or Triangle. Pressing triangle and circle at the same time results in a decent melee attack.

We are continuously adding more content to our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide. Check back soon more content added in this guide along with the remaining weapons of the game.

This concludes our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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