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Saturday, May 25, 2019
So, What’s Going On Between Fetty Wap And Alexis Skyy In This Extra Flirty Instagram Live? | Fetty Wap | Celebrities

Fetty Wap loves the ladies — so much so that he is now known more so for his baby-making prowess than he is for his music.

The "My Way" rapper proved this when three women boasted about being knocked up by him in the past couple years, with two of them — Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy — making this "issue" their plot line on popular reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Now, despite the fact that he has yet a third baby mother in the mix, he looks to be trying to get at least one old thang back.

See what happened the last time Alexis and another one of Fetty's baby mamas were in the same room in the BET Breaks video, above.

Alexis Skyy, who's currently knocked up with Fetty Wap's kid, recently took to Instagram Live to show that she and the New Jersey rapper are still very much in touch.

In the video he can be seen standing behind her. Fans seemed to think they were actually on again when the rapper commented, "Baby daddy checkin in...gang."

He kept the gestures coming when he added, "Lil a*s jacket. Yu still cute though."

Take a look, below:

Meanwhile, what's up with this new chick spotted on Fetty's arm over the weekend? This one's name is Yaya and, as far as we can tell, she's not preggers:

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